Anasayfaya Dön

General Information

There is a lot missing, in the scope of issues, related to technological developments, global economic structure and the membership of our country for the European Union. Our country has many shortcomings in banking and insurance sector. To overcome these shortcomings and to reach the level of the western countries, the legislative amendments alone that are being made is not enough.

In addition to legal regulations; this program was opened to train members who will closely follow emerging technologies in this field and who have ability of using finance and insurance technology. The other aim of this program is to ensure the employment for the members trained professionally in the field of banking and insurance.

Job Opportunities:

They can be employed in departments and branches Central banks, they can work in the insurance companies and their distribution channels as well as which are the "free" and "bank branch" agencies. Furthermore, they can meet the needs for the intermediate personnel in the central departments of insurance and reinsurance companies.

Training time is 4 semesters. In order to graduate from this program all courses must be accomplished in accordance with the regulations and an internship must be completed.

Bankacılık ve Sigortacılık Programı

Bankacılık ve Sigortacılık ...