Anasayfaya Dön

Department of Computer Technology

Our students who graduated from the computer programming program are employed in industry and laboratory businesses as intermediate member with the title “technician”. They are also employed in all businesses such as industries, factories, telecommunications, energy and workshops which are active both in region and Turkey. There is need of labor force in all these areas. 

  The reasons for opening such program: The population of our region grows rapidly, in this way the unemployment is increasing in parallel. Looked at the situation of region,  the program plans to educate the students so that they will meet the need of intermediate employees caused by the rapidly developing fields such as industry, technology, energy and construction. It will be helpful for the unemployment rate to be decreased, contributing to the economics of the people in the region. Considering the removal of visa requirements the neighboring countries, it is expected that it will foster an economic revival with these countries. This will increase exports in the region. In parallel to all these, considering that the internal and external tourism in the region has increased day by day this will make a major economic contribution to the region as well.