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General Information

The purpose of Refining and Petrochemical Program is to train the intermadiate man power who will work in the processing of crude oil and in gaining the various petroleum products.

Job Opportunities for Graduates

Graduates from the refinery and petrochemical are awarded with title "Refining and Petrochemical Technician”. Technicians in petroleum products can work in oil refineries, in petrochemical plants producing the products of petroleum. They have also great business opportunities in the private sectors  because of the fact that the tools made from petroleum products are indispensable in our daily lives whose need are continually growing.

Refining and Petrochemical Technician can be oppointed to the shift supervisor, planning chief, vice-chief and chief in the workplaces where they are working, with the condition that they increase their the knowledge and skills and are successful, puting into account their working years. They may carry the further responsibilities.

Rafineri ve Petro-Kimya Teknolojisi Programı

Rafineri ve Petro-Kimya Tek...

Rafineri ve Petro-Kimya Tek...